American Indian Psychic, Life Coach and Relationship Adviser
Thomas Blackwolf is a nationally well known, Native American Choctaw Indian Psychic, Life Coach and Relationship adviser.

Thomas has been featured on many nationally televised programs across the U.S. and Canada.

A psychic since an early age, Thomas Blackwolf has honed his gifted skills to focus his remarkable talent. He provides accurate and touching personal readings that will leave you comforted and fulfilled.

In addition to being one of the country’s foremost psychics and remote viewer's, Thomas is also an ordained spiritual minister and holds a Religious Science, Doctor of Philosophy Degree, (R.Sc,Ph,D.). 

"My goal is your self-empowerment, psychological and spiritual development, I pledge to work for the highest well-being of all concerned".

Talking to spirit and providing personal messages are only a part of the picture as a whole. Seeing your life within a broader context, shifting the patterns that ail you, and moving forward in the most significant ways to improve your life are the ultimate goal.

Thomas Blackwolf, has previously lived in the Southern California area and recently moved to Sacramento where he commutes between Sacramento and San Francisco providing personalized reading and spiritual counseling to people from every race, religion and background.

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Our rates are very reasonable. Thomas believes you should not need to over pay for personal and spiritual development. Let Thomas Blackwolf assist you in your personal search and provide you with a communion of spirit and the ministry of angels.
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"May God walk with you in your travels, spirit whisper comfort in your ear and family bring you love within your heart"
-Thomas Blackwolf
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"I was skeptical to have a reading and never had one before, Thomas was so accurate in what he was saying I got goose bumps. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a TRUE spiritual reading".
- Ashley F., San Francisco, CA

"Thomas opened my eyes to my relationship with my husband in ways I did not think of before. A man's perspective on a relationship is so much different than what I was told by other women psychics. Thomas told me the how's and why's he acts the way he does. THANK YOU Thomas for all your help!".
- Peggy G., Miami, Fl.

My partner and I have been together for 5 years. Like most couples we have our ups and downs. I talk to Thomas often to gain insight on how to better myself and my relationship, I love talking to him, he makes me feel comfortable with who I am and what I need to improve to grow our relationship".
- Eric L., Sacramento, CA.

My mother passed away recently and I spoke to several "psychics". They were B.S. to put it blunt. I stumbled onto Thomas Blackwolf's website and something told me to call him. I never regretted it. His reading was so very touching it brought a warm comfort to my heart. If you want a REAL psychic reading, don't call "mistress Donna" or some other fly by night. Call Thomas and have the real deal!. Thank you Thomas for everything you have done for me!".
- LaDonna R. Greenbay, WI
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